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Traditional Reclaimed Materials, with decades of experience, has a well deserved national reputation for providing the very finest reclaimed architectural salvage materials and reproductions. We maintain the highest standards of integrity and customer service and provide the very best wholesale prices.

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Traditional Designs offers a variety of wood beams obtained from old villas and estates both domestically and all throughout Europe.

Traditional Designs creates texture and cut marks created by the saw blade which provide a timeless aesthetic that calls back to a time when the human relationship with nature was more hands on. We value this process and cherish the opportunity to create a room that will never be forgotten.

Solid hand- hewn beams make a fabulous addition to any interior or exterior project. Solid hand hewn beams are best in a nonuctural decorative design.

Antique hand hewn beams provide a robust, warm and comfortable vibe. Antique hand- hewn beams retain the original axe marks left behind by the gifted artisan who crafted them.

Antique rough sawn wood beams have a refined rustic appeal and include teeth marks from the actual blade once it was initially milled. Sawn wood beams  give a more finished look when exposed in any room of the estate. They may be rough sawn or sanded or planed smooth. Sawn wood beams from Traditional Materials & Designs make beautiful accents as rails and mantels.

Antique Wood Beams- These beams with cutouts, peg holes and mortise cuts add to the authenticity and character of these wood beams. Some clients may want their antique wood beams to be clean without cutouts. These requirements are almost impossible to find not to mention diminish the authenticity. Keeping the integrity of the specie is vital when deciding to go with antique beams.

European Reclaimed antique wood beams

European Reclaimed antique wood beams

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Reclaimed antique wood beams

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